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Linfo is a PHP application that displays the hardware and realtime health of your rig.


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Information Shown

  • CPU Type
  • RAM Usage
  • PCI/USB devices
  • Hard drives
  • File system mounts
  • Network devices
  • Temps/Voltages via hddtemp/mbmon
  • Software raid arrays (either by mdadm or gmirror)
  • System load / number of processes, threads
  • Linux distribution, if possible
  • ...

System Requirements


  • PHP 5+
  • PHP PCRE library. You almost definitely already have this.
  • That's it :P


  • 2.6 Kernel Series
  • Somewhat modern Linux system with /proc and /sys mounted
  • PHP5+
  • Should be web server agnostic, as long as PHP is supported
  • Can connect to hddtemp and/or mbmon daemons for temps/voltages/fan speeds
  • Since the Linux version works exclusively by parsing /proc and /sys and connecting to daemons, it does not need to be able to call external programs.


  • Tested through Windows XP through Windows server 2k12
  • Needs COM extension. May have to be manually enabled on newer PHP versions

Other non-Linux (BSD/etc)

  • Ability to call external programs

Project Goals

  • Provide info such as disk space, temperatures, cpu, ram, etc
  • Be very fast; generation in under a second is most desired.
  • Call very few external programs (like df/load/uptime/etc), if any. (parse the file system for info, if possible)
  • Linux version not use external programs at all and rely exclusively on /proc and /sys and connecting to locally listening daemons. (except for extensions, listed below)
  • Don't go nuts with eye candy. Don't use ajax. Make viewing the info on text only browsers possible and easy.
  • Any javascript ever used must be extremely subtle and degrade gracefully
  • Don't give info that can be exploited and turned into a security risk, especially not names and command line arguments given to running programs.
  • Prefer speed over code conciseness.


See stable releases on SourceForge
View Demo
Licensed under the GPL.
Pull requests on GitHub appreciated.
Lightning fast
Built to use as little resources as possible to get the information you need.
Runs on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Darwin (Mac OS X), Solaris, and more.
Extensions Support
These come bundled out of the box: uTorrent, libvirt, Samba, truecrypt, Soldat, APC UPS, Transmission, IPMI, CUPS, dhcpd3